Afloat Sailing Brand

Afloat is a fictional sailing brand that sells products geared toward competitive sailors around the US. Products include sun protection in the forms of zinc, sunscreen, and SPF lip balm all snuggly fit inside a small waterproof Pelican case, sailing gloves, and of course rum! Mainsail is a fictional branch of Afloat that distills two different rums. A light rum for your celebrations on and off the water and a dark rum when you need to drink away the memories of the terrible race earlier

in the day. Throw all of this in a custom bag made from an

old sail and you’re set!


Sailing for sport isn’t actually always smooth sailing, we get banged up, blisters, sun burns, wind burns, and could be sailing in terrible conditions. The texture on the imagery and text give the kit a more rugged and honest feel. The logo was designed to resemble a buoy with the large “A”. Red and blue are traditional colors often seen in nautical designs. 

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