Coffee Table Books

Locals Only

Based on the existing book “Locals Only”, which only focuses

on skateboarding, I created this set of coffee table books that showcase history, photos, and art from the sports. These fictional book covers for Locals Only were inspired by the culture of the three sports featured in each book. Surfing, snowboarding, and skateboarding all have a lot of history in their respective sport. 

Book one’s topic covers the sport and culture surrounding surfing in California, Australia, and Indonesia. I used images of surfers from the past to emphasize how long the sport has been around and the culture that has come from it. Book two discusses snowboarding in Colorado, California, and Vermont. Similar retro imagery is used again to expand on the history of the sport. Book three features skateboarding which was where the inspiration came from for the entire book set. There are endless beautiful photos to be featured on the covers and inside to properly illustrate the culture of each sport.

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