Editorial Zine


In collaboration with fashion marketing major Aidan Toohey and advertising major Nico Bohorquez WHY NOT Zine comes as a side project to their lifestyle and clothing brand Gone Missing. The idea behind their brand is by creating a community around people who are passionate about what they do for a living we reinforce the idea that it is not impossible to wake up doing what you love every day. Heavily focused on featuring artists around the world WHY NOT came as a desire to shed light on artists in print form that exemplify the lifestyle and enthusiasm shared in their lives. 

To exhibit, connect,and inspire the spirit of passionate living”.


Why Not came from the desire to shed light on artists we believe exemplify the lifestyle and enthusiasm we share in our own lives. The zine features interviews with three different artists showcasing their most recent work. Graphic elements used come from the artists themselves. The design of the spreads also correspond with the featured artist style. This zine is a project

that we hope to expand on with many more issues to come.

Client / 

Gone Missing


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Art Direction

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