Vesi Hydrating Skincare

Plastic is cheap and incredibly versatile with properties that make

it ideal for many applications. However, these qualities have also

resulted in it becoming an environmental issue. We have developed a “disposable” lifestyle and estimates are that around 50% of plastic is used just once and thrown away. Packaging is the largest end use market segment accounting for just over 40% of total plastic usage.


As consumers, we have become increasingly conscious about

our purchases. A step in the right direction includes being

mindful of your daily skin care routine and how you can become

more sustainable by simply choosing products that are organic,

but also have reusable and long lasting environmentally

conscious packaging.


Vesi is a fictional skincare line created on the belief that beauty and environmental responsibility can coexist. Vesi means “water” in Finnish, but it also means American manufacturing, non-toxic ingredients, sustainable packaging, a zero-waste philosophy, and above all, non-compromising beauty products.

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