UX Design


Trippy! provides users with a “one-stop-shop” platform for finding the most affordable vacations, travel planning, transportation, and lodging, cancelling out any need for other travel-based apps. The goals for Trippy! were to create an app that has everything you would need while planning a trip and finding the most affordable prices. With an easy-to-use interface, all information that a user would need will be clear and easy to find and readily available with the touch of a button.


Simply input your departure airport, travel dates, and budget and Trippy! will show you a list of destinations that fit your given information. Once you pick your destination you will be able to search for accommodations too through the app. Trippy! combines all forms of accommodation, (hotels, hostels, airbnbs, homestay, etc) into one app. Now that you have your flight and accommodations booked take some time to learn about your destination through the explore page. Find activities and tours as well customs and weather on the specific destination pages. Trippy! introduces travelers to destinations they never would’ve imagined they would be able to travel to on their budget. Maybe you weren’t aware that your small budget could take you all the way to Thailand, now you know!

Client / 

Trippy! App


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Art Direction



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Team /

Iman Sinnokrot


Jenny Pally